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Fate Vs Fate Essay - 1649 Words

Fate can be thought about as life being predetermined for the entirety of your days. From the early writings from Homer, specifically in the poem, The Iliad, there is a clear representation of whether it is free will or fate after all. Although we may never know whether there is a predetermined path or rather just free, it can only make one wonder. For most Greek Mythology, it is been evident that most of people’s decisions were not free will but rather fate itself. While people think they have free will, it may just be fate after all. Fate or free will is evident in the poem The Iliad. In the Iliad, there are endless struggle between the ideas of fate against free will, throughout the whole poem. More specifically, in Books 6 and 22, it†¦show more content†¦Do it. But don’t expect us all to approve.†(Book 22, Lines 202-204) In this scene, Zeus, is discomforted by the fact that he cannot prevent Hectors death, or his fate. As he tries to intervene, Zeus speaks out loud to Athena. She quickly reminds him that things happen in life but not everything have a justification at the time for it. This is a reminder to the reader that even though the Gods wish to control every outcome maybe some things are just life meeting its fate. Taking a step back to analyze this situation helps put the idea of free will versus fate. Hector in battle took one of Achilles best friend’s life, Patroclus. Prior to his friends death, Achilles refused to continue and fight Agamemnon’s battle. Patroclus’s free will he takes matters into his own hands and goes into battle with Achilles armor. In doing so his life is cut short by Hector, who thinks he has slain the great warrior Achilles. This scene helps reinforce that things may happen to help fate be pushed on or perhaps some are acting on free will which make things twist. Further saying, that before Achilles good friend was slain, he was ready to return his homeland and live a life without glory. Instead, like the god’s had portrayed, his fate was to meet his death in Troy dying like a hero like his mother had envi sioned. In the book 22, we see the pursuit of Hector trying to escape hisShow MoreRelatedFate Vs Fate Essay1401 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Odyssey propose interesting insights into the role of fate and choice in the human experience. Neither the Odyssey nor The Epic of Gilgamesh gives a black or white answer to the question of human autonomy versus divine control. Instead, this paper will argue that both epics suggest that human life has important elements of both divine control and human autonomy. Once an individual is able to accept the more general parts of their fate that lay beyond their control such as their identity and theirRead MoreFate Vs Fate Essay1437 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Odyssey propose interesting insights into the role of fate and choice in the human experience. Neither the Odyssey nor The Epic of Gilgamesh gives a black or white answer to the question of human autonomy versus divine control. Instead, this paper will argue that both epics suggest that human life has important elements of both divine control and human autonomy. Once an individual is able to accept the more general parts of their fate that lay beyond their control such as their identity and theirRead MoreFate Vs Fate Essay1781 Words   |  8 PagesFate can be thought as life being predetermined for the entirety of your days. From the early writings of Homer, specifically in the poem, The Iliad, there is a clear representation of whether it is free will or fate after all. Although we may never know whether there is a predetermined path or rather just free, it can only make one wonder. For most Greek Mythology, it is been evident that most of people’s decisions were not free will but rather fate itself. While people think they have free willRead MoreOdysseus Fate Vs Fate Essay1414 Words   |  6 Pagescontrol his own fate, or is it influenced, or perhaps even preordained, by an immortal power? Time and time again this question has been asked and explored in literary pieces that involve an element of a supernatural being, a higher power that mortal man cannot compare to. Among those who incorporate this existential reflection into their own written world is Homer, an ancient Greek poet, creator of the Odyssey. Throughout his epic, Homer demonstrates the simultaneous action of both fate and responsibilityRead More Fate vs. Freedom Essay1046 Words   |  5 Pages Fate may state what will be in ones life however, how that destiny comes about is a matter of mans own choice. In other words, incidents dont occur because our destinies are written. In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare expertly uses the theme of fate vs. free will and raises the pre-eminent question of which holds power over the characters. In Shakespeare’s tragedy, fate is not the caus e of his downfall, his own desires and choices prove to be the deciding factor. There are several examples ofRead MoreMacbeth Fate vs. Freewill Essay948 Words   |  4 PagesFate vs. Freewill In Shakespeare’s Tragedy Macbeth, it is very debatable if fate, or freewill is what causes Macbeth to do the things he does through out the tragedy. Freewill is at work most through out the tragedy because Macbeth is convinced he can change or speed up the fate the three weird sisters prophesized for him at his own will. Throughout the play, Macbeth slowly begins to think he can modify his fate by using the prophecies told to Macbeth by the weird sisters and attempting to changeRead MoreMacbeth: Fate vs Free Will Essay1208 Words   |  5 PagesFate vs Free Will is one of the most oft used literary techniques in writing. It is never more evident than in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. The major theme of the story Macbeth is whether or not the story is fueled by the free will of Macbeth, or by his fate. Are the events in Macbeth a result of his mentality and outlook on life, or were they going to happen no matter what? Almost every major event that takes place can be traced back to this question. It can be viewed in different ways, and mostRead MoreMidsummer Nights Dream: Fate vs. Free Will Essay1208 Words   |  5 PagesMidsummer Nights Dream essay Throughout the play A Midsummer Nights Dream, Shakespeare uses both fate and free will to present his philosophy towards the nature of love. The characters struggle through confusion and conflicts to be with the one they love. Although the course of their love did not go well, love ultimately triumphs over all at the end of the play. The chaos reaches a climax causing great disruption among the lovers. However, the turmoil is eventually resolved by PuckRead MoreFree Will vs. Fate in The Winters Tale Essay1645 Words   |  7 Pagesagainst Nature. She represents what was meant to be, what has been divinely decided. Even though they are father and daughter, they are complete opposites. Leontes represents our human ability to exercise free will, and Perdita represents the power of Fate over our lives. Early in the play, Leontes shows his own fallible nature. He reveals himself to be a jealous, self-doubting tyrant. He brings about the his own demise, curses his family and dooms his own child to death. Though these characteristicsRead MoreOedipus the King: Fate Vs Free Will Essay639 Words   |  3 Pages Oedipus the King, was written by Sophocles between C.A.496-406B.C. In this play, Oedipus is a great example of Sophocles’ belief that fate will control a man’s life no matter how much free will exists. Oedipus is a man of unflagging determination and perseverance, but one who must learn through the working out of a terrible prophecy that there are forces beyond any man’s conceptualization or control. Oedipus’ actions were determined before his birth, yet Oedipus’ actions are entirely determined

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Characteristics And Challenges Of Infant Development

Infancy Exploration There are many characteristics and challenges of infant’s development. The following topics describe and explain the different stages of development, the reason why attachment is so important, what it means and the different styles of attachments, the different reflexes, Piagets’s theories and why breastfeeding it’s so important and why it’s not practice as much today which I believe are the most important factors of child development. Reflexes are involuntary responses or moments we get when we are born. There five main reflexes we’re born with which are Grasping, rooting, sucking, startle and stepping reflexes. Grasping reflexes is basically an automatic respond to grasp onto an object that stimulates the palm. For†¦show more content†¦Attachment is the emotional relationship between the child and the caregiver. Attachment is important for several reasons. A child that has a good emotional bond with their parent is more likely to have better copping skills with negative emotions in stressful moments; they are more independent and more confident to go out in the world and explore their options. There’s two particular theory of attachment id agree with which would have to be Bowlby and Harlow theory. Attachment I believe comes from early age and it’s based on how the caregiver takes care of their child and the emotional connection they share with their child. Harlow’s theory sta tes that babies are more attached to theirs mothers for the simple reason it’s the parent that feeds them and shows protection, once they find that in a parent they become more in order to survive. There are different styles of attachments for example secure, insecure, avoidant, and anxious-ambivalent. Secure attachment is when a child its upset when their caregiver leaves but once the caregiver returns they are able calm down. This shows how they feel secure enough that they can count on the parent to come back. Another type of attachment is insecure attachment is when the child shows no emotions towards their caregiver and they don’t really care whether their caregiver comes back or not. Which for a baby it’s not a good sign, this style of attachment

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Common Plastics We Use Every Single Day

You probably do not realize the impact that the invention of plastic has had in your life. In just 60 short years, plastics popularity has grown considerably. This is largely due to just a few reasons. They can be easily molded into a wide range of products, and they offer benefits that other materials do not. How Many Types of Plastic Are There? You may think that plastic is just plastic, but there are actually about 45 different families of plastics. In addition, each of these families can be made with hundreds of different variations. By changing different molecular factors of the plastic, they can be made with different properties, including flexibility, transparency, durability, and more. Thermoset or Thermoplastics? Plastics can all be separated into two primary categories:Â  thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset plastics are those that when cooled and hardened retain their shape and cannot return to original form. Durability is a benefit meaning that they can be used for tires, auto parts, aircraft parts, and more. Thermoplastics are less hard than the thermosets. They can become soft when heated and can return to their original form. They are easily molded to be formed into fibers, packaging, and films. Polyethylene Most household plastic packaging is made from polyethylene. It comes in almost 1,000 different grades. Some of the most common household items are the plastic film, bottles, sandwich bags, and even types of piping. Polyethylene can also be found in some fabrics and in mylar as well. Polystyrene Polystyrene can form a harder, impact-resistant plastic that is used for cabinets, computer monitors, TVs, utensils, and glasses. If it is heated and the air is added to the mixture, it turns into what is called EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) also known by the Dow Chemical tradename, Styrofoam. This is a lightweight rigid foam that is used for insulation and for packaging. Polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon This type of plastic was developed by DuPont in 1938. The benefits of it are that it is almost frictionless on the surface and it is a stable, strong, and is a heat-resistant type of plastic. It is most commonly used in products like bearings, film, plumbing tape, cookware, and tubing, as well as waterproof coatings and films. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC This type of plastic is durable, non-corrosive, as well as affordable. This is why it is used for pipes and plumbing. It does have one downfall, however, and that is the fact that a plasticizer has to be added to make it soft and moldable and this substance may leach out of it over a long period of time, which makes it brittle and subject to breaking. Polyvinylidene Chloride or Saran This plastic is recognized by its ability to conform to the shape of a bowl or other item. It is used mainly for films and wraps that need to be impermeable to food odors. Saran wrap is one of the most popular wraps for storing food. Polyethylene LDPE and HDPE Perhaps the most common type of plastic is polyethylene. This plastic can be separated into two different types, including low-density polyethylene and high-density polyethylene. The differences in them make them ideal for different uses. For example, LDPE is soft and flexible, so it is used in garbage bags, films, wraps, bottles, and disposable gloves. HDPE is a harder plastic and is used mainly in containers, but was first introduced in the hula hoop. As you can tell, the world of plastics is quite large, and getting larger with the recycling of plastics. Learning more about the different types of plastic can enable you to see that this invention has had a strong impact on the world at large. From drinking bottles to sandwich bags to pipes to cookware and more, plastic is a big part of your everyday life, no matter what type of life you lead.

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The Between Islam And Middle Eastern Countries - 1124 Words

America is predominantly known as the melting pot of the world. It has cultivated a variety of populations in search for a â€Å"new life.† People from a variety of religions, races, and ethnicities live in this country and call it their home. People whom identify as Muslims are one of the many groups of people who live, work, and worship here. Since we live in a country where there are multiple religions and races, it is important that we learn their customs and culture. Muslims most commonly originate from Africa, and Middle Eastern countries. The religion of this group of people, Islam, developed in the seventh century. Islam helps put life into perspective and gives hope to the hopeless . The beliefs of Islam revolve around the Quran, which was written by the prophet Mohammad (Rippin, 2012 p. 5). As stated by Armstrong (2012), the formation of Islam can be summarized as, â€Å"a narrative that tells of the revelations given to the Prophet, the migration to Medina, the bat tles of the early community, the return to Mecca and the subsequent conquests under the Rightly Guided caliphs p. 88†. The religion of Islam that Muslims identify with is fairly new as compared to other religious such as Judaism and Christianity. The Quran holds three basic teachings; through law, the previous prophets ( Mohammed), and the final judgment ( Enlightment). Some of this parallels to what Christians refer to as the Doctrine and Bible of Christ. While many figures and stories found in the QuranShow MoreRelatedWomen And The Middle East Essay1449 Words   |  6 PagesIn my research paper, I will state the difference between how Islam views women and how men in middle east view women. Also, explain how men in middle east misunderstand the Islamic view on women and fail to interrupt the true messages in Quran. In addition, who should be blamed for the misleading ideas about women in the middle east? In the end, I will conclude my research introducing successful women in the middle east. Countries in the middle east claim that they are applying the Islamic guidelinesRead MoreA Democracy Of The Middle East1304 Words   |  6 Pagesupon a country in which the citizens overthrew a democratic government in favor of anything else. This suggests that a democracy is the ideal form of government that citizens will continue to revolt until they reach. Francis Fukuyama agrees when he asserts that capitalist, liberal democracies are the end of history. Humans seem to naturally gravitate towards democracy, and the Muslim world is no exception. The Arab world is moving towards a democracy that accurately reflects the values of Islam. ThisRead MoreAnalysis A Look behind the Veil1476 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis Project of â€Å"A Look Behind the Veil† Thesis statement: Middle-Eastern and North African clothing culture is distinguished from other cultures by the veil, a clothing that provokes many reactions from authors and debates between the Western and Eastern people. Subject: The main topic of this text is the veil in North African and Middle-Eastern regions. Western people and Middle-Eastern people do not share the same opinion about its use, while the occidental region considers it as a simpleRead MoreWorld History : The Middle East1339 Words   |  6 Pagesglobe, including every country. However, the perceptions and definitions of world history have changed over time. In the past, world history meant Western history and Islam was not included. History was biased and still continues to be due to various factors as Bentley discusses. Understanding the meaning of orientalism and its true definition assists one to understand how imperative world history is to the study of the â€Å"Global Middle East.† In addition, the â€Å"Global Middle East† is a more efficientRead MoreThe Effects Of Religious Persecution On The Middle Eastern Countries1353 Words   |  6 Pagesestablished in a country that is governed by the it’s original religio us foundation. An example of this would involve, ISIS terrorizing smaller religious groups like the Yazidi people who practice a form of Islam, but then detoured from Islam’s original ways. Yazidi people are not the only ones; other various foreign religious groups like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are experiencing harsh blows of religious persecution as well. The negative effect that these religions-foreign to the Middle East- areRead MoreMiddle Eastern Women Rights in Islamic Society1419 Words   |  6 PagesWomen Rights of the Middle East â€Å"Life is full of unhappiness and most of it caused by women (Harik and Marston 11)†. For women in the Middle East life is faced with great and unequal odds, as their human rights are limited, due to Islamic beliefs and that of patriarchy. From their daily actions at home to their physical appearance, Middle Eastern women are portrayed as quiet, faceless women veiled from head to toe. While this image is just another stereotype, women in the middle do face many obstaclesRead MoreSummary Of The Looming Tower By Lawrence Wright1574 Words   |  7 PagesCenter on September 11, 2001. The text included the personal accounts of Osama bin Laden and other middle-eastern influences such as Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri (the most significant ideological frontrunner of al-Qaeda), Abdullah Azzam, Khallad, and Sayyid Qutb, along with western factors like, Daniel Coleman, Jack Cloonan, Patrick Fitzgerald, and John O’Neill. The choices made by those influencers in the Middle East, and in the west, during the 20th century created the climate in which the terrorist organizationRead MoreWorldview/Religion Analysis of Islam Essay1238 Words   |  5 PagesWorldview/Religion Analysis of Islam By Elizabeth Case Student ID: L6924379 Presented to: Dr. Raymond Johnson In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Introduction to Apologetics APOL 500 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Lynchburg, VA April 3, 2011 Worldview/Religion Analysis of Islam Summary of Islam The Arabic term Islam literally means â€Å"surrender† or â€Å"submission†. The followers of Islam, known as Muslims (from the active participle of Islam), accept or surrenderRead MoreDemocracy in the Middle East Essay1416 Words   |  6 PagesOver the last century, the Middle East has been the location of ethnic rivalry, political and economic instability, religious conflict, territorial dispute and war. Much of this tension in the Middle East comes from the various interpretations of Islam and how the religion should be applied to politics and society. Over the last ten years, the United States and their allies have pushed to promote democracy in the Middle East. However, they too have many obstacles they must overcome. They face problemsRead MoreThe Sunni Shia Conflict Essay1341 Words   |  6 Pagessects of Islam and both have a historical based conflict going back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad and how Muslims should be governed. This conflict has caused t ensions and violence to flare up throughout Islamic history. This conflict has carried into modern times and has becoming a rallying point for Muslim people calling for change with their government and across the Middle Eastern region. The Sunni Shia conflict is major division within Islam that has and continues to shape Islam and the

The Example of Questionnaire Free Essays

CODE QUESTIONNAIRE This Questionnaire has the purpose to identify the correlation between the habit of watching English subtitle movie and Reading Comprehension achievement. All of the questions are for any movie or serial which uses English as the subtitle. Please be honest in answering every single of question. We will write a custom essay sample on The Example of Questionnaire or any similar topic only for you Order Now This questionnaire is purely for conduct a thesis in order to get the data. It will not affect your score mark at the certain lesson. The last, your data will be private for the researcher only. Thank you. Name| : ______________________| NIM| : _______________________| Gender| : ______________________| Class| : _______________________| Age| : ______________________| Academic Year| : _______________________| Address| : ______________________| Contact No. | : ______________________| General Question Have you watched at least 1 movie with english subtitle in the past of two years? a. Yesb. No. Specific Question 1. How many movies with english subtitle that you watch in a month? a. More than 10 titles b. 8 – 10 titles c. – 7 titles d. 2 – 4 titles e. Only 1 title 2. For the movie with multiple episode (serial), how many episodes that you watch in a month? a. More than 30 episodes b. 21 – 30 episodes c. 13 – 20 episodes d. 5 – 12 episodes e. 1 – 4 episodes 3. How often do you watch movie with english subtitle? a. Every single day (no day without movie) b. Almost everyday c. Twice or third in a week d. Once a week e. Once a month 4. How many t imes do you spend for watching movie with english subtitle in a day? a. More than 5 hours b. Around 5 hours c. Around 3 – 4 hours d. Around 2 hours e. Less than an hour 5. Rank the reasons of watching movie with english subtitle on it: Habitual| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| Curious the cultural life as seen as on the movie| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| Like the storyline or the topic of the movie| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| Enjoying free time rather than other activities| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6. What language do you prefer in movie with foreign language? (English include) a. English subtitle b. Bahasa subtitle c. Original language subtitle d. No subtitle but English dubbing e. No subtitle but Bahasa or original dubbing 7. The most reason of choosing english subtitle more than other subtitle (Bahasa or other language) a. Improving English b. Understandable c. More interesting d. The available one e. Accidental 8. How does your habitual of watching movie impact your time to study? a. Prefer watching movie than study b. Study at first but can not concentrate, my mind is on the movie c. Watch movie while studying d. Concentrate to finish studying at first, then watching movie e. Prefer studying than watching movie 9. What do you do when you find difficulties in understanding the subtitle? a. Replay back immediately to the part that I lack of understanding b. Keep the movie goes and replay it again after the end c. Ask friends/try to find the summary or review of the movie d. Let the movie goes try to find the meaning over the actor/actrees action e. Just let the movie goes and ends 10. What do you do after watching movie with english subtitle? . Find and watch other movies b. Make a review, summary, or deep analysis c. Discuss with friends d. Replay it again e. Nothing to do, it is just for fun 11. Where do you get movies with english subtitle? a. Purchase CD/DVD online or offline b. Rent CD/DVD in the rental c. Download free online d. Copy from friends e. Accidental 12. How important the aspects you choose movie? Aspects| TU| U| I| VI| The storyline| 1| 2| 3| 4| Actors/actress| 1| 2| 3| 4| Lite rature aspetcs (genre, year,| 1| 2| 3| 4| | 1| 2| 3| 4| 13. How to cite The Example of Questionnaire, Essay examples

Customer Experience of Marketing Activities †

Question: Discuss about the Customer Experience of Marketing Activities. Answer Project plan and structure Customer experience is an important focus of marketing activities in any industry. This is because customer experience determines the success of any product or service and the profitability of business. Marketing researchers present in competitive organization pay a lot of attention to identifying the needs and changing demands of consumers regionally and globally. This enables them to determine the factors needed for positive customer experience and a positive customer experience in turn drives customer loyalty (Gounaris 2015). Customer loyalty is maintained by providing an exceptional experience to consumers and positive customer experience is directly related to customer retention. A satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the service or product to potential consumers and affect the brand loyalty too (Nysveen and Pedersen 2014). However, the current challenges for marketing leaders is that customers are now much informed about different products and services available in market due to the advent of technologies and social media sites. Hence, all information related to product is at their finger tips now. In such case, it is challenges to constantly provide innovative customer experience to target consumers. To plan strategic factors that are necessary to improve customer experience in a dynamic and challenging business environment, there is a need to review literature on integrated customers experience and the relevant theories that drives customer experience marketing. This literature review analyzed peer reviewed journal articles by thematic analysis process and discusses the integrated customer experience under specific themes. Literature review The definition of customer experience is evolving in dynamic nature of business environment. Thematic analysis approach has been used in this literature review to search and analyze peer reviewed research article related to the topic and categorize them under key themes. The following are the themes coming out after reviewing literatures on integrated customer experience in marketing: Theories related to customer experience Many research studies have evaluated the customer-brand relationship by the application of the interpersonal relationship theory. For instance, Peter, (2014) used the interpersonal relationship theoretical framework to study about the impact of interpersonal relationship on marketing performance. It focused on social exchange theory and the uncertainty reduction theory to interpret the research data. The social exchange theory explains that give and take is necessary to strengthen any relationship, so feelings and emotions of recipient should be reciprocated to develop a good and long lasting relationship (Cropanzano et al. 2016). This concept may be applied to develop strategies for improving the customer experience too. Secondly, the uncertainty reductions theory gave idea about the stages two individual go through when they are strangers and have no knowledge about each other (Hogg, 2016). Therefore, the uncertainty reduction theory gave rise to a framework or strategies to replac e uncertainty and ambiguity with familiarity and security in an interpersonal relationship. Hence, with the use of these theories, Peter, (2014) came to the conclusion that interpersonal communication is necessary for positive influence on marketing performance. The quality of friendly interaction is one dimension of interpersonal relationship. Therefore, the study gave the implication that increased attention to relationship marketing strategies is important for sustaining customer loyalty and improving marketing performance. Changes in perception of customer experience with time: Customer experience has become a major focus in management and marketing practices. The definition of customer experience may change in different business-to-business setting. The study by McColl-Kennedy et al., (2015) provides the perspective that in todays business environment, customer experience is controlled not just by service provider, but also by the influence of devices likes smart phones and internet. Majority of studies has focused on organizations perspective to understand customer experience, however McColl-Kennedy et al., (2015) emphasized on the broad role of customers in customer experience and identifying the dynamic nature of customer experience with time. While identifying the current gap in research on customer experience, the study revealed that customers are no longer a passive recipients of products or services. They are well-informed about their choices and they provides new ideas for service innovation and enhancing customer experience. The study proposed pra ctice-based approach to understand consumer experience and this can be done by focusing customers personal value base and the factors that drive their engagement with product or services. Therefore, the study was successful in proposing future approach needed to evaluate customers perception and change in their experience overtime. Role of technology in customer experience: Internet and other technology have transformed the retail environment too. Currently, retailers are investing in different technology to provide unique customer experience. Blzquez (2014) evaluated the role of technology in enhancing online shopping experience in the fashion industry. The research particularly explored how internet and digital technology has changed the multichannel shopping experiences of consumers. The concept of shopping values was defined in this study by the hedonic and utilitarian value. Hedonic value referred to the emotive element of shopping experience whereas the utilitarian value referred to the task oriented purpose f shopping. Hedonic value may made clear by a shopping experience done for fun and pleasure. Hedonic values has been found to improve consumer loyalty and utilitarian value was considered important for developing positive attitude towards a brand in consumers (Allard, Babin and Chebat 2009). A qualitative survey was done to evaluate the experi ence of consumers in brick and mortar stores and online shopping. The study findings showed that technology was a major motivator for consumers to shop in particular stores. The consumers perception of motivation behind in-store experience, such as the hedonic or utilitarian value was also considered important for multichannel retailer (Blzquez 2014). The strength of this study is that hedonic elements in shopping experience was established and it was found that technology is a good source for retailers to integrate different channels and connect with consumers and provided them good shopping experiences. Although internet was considered to be a threat for future stores, the study gave the implication that customer experience can be improved if service providers think in all channels just like consumers. Link between customer experience and brand loyalty: Several research studies established the link between customer experience management and brand loyalty. So et al. (2016) evaluated the role of customer engagement in improving customer experience and building consumer loyalty. In the tourism industry, a customer engagement strategy is considered important to enhance customer experience and manage customer brand relationship. The review of literatures showed that consumer engagement approaches like online user-generated reviews influenced the rate of online booking and intention to book hotels. This approach is beneficial for organizations to attract and retain more consumers (Sparks and Browning 2011). So et al. (2016) used survey questionnaire methods to evaluate perception of customers related to experience in tourist industry. The study done with consumers gave insight into the role of customer engagement in build customer relationship with brand. The finding supported the fact that customer engagement is a critical factor to unde rstand service brand loyalty factors and including them in their service. Rageh Ismail et al. (2011) also highlighted the evolving nature of customer experience in the marketing discipline. The literature review evaluated the impact of customer experience on brand loyalty. The review pointed out that creating unique experience for consumers has become important to gain competitive advantage in business. Although customer experience is not a new concept, however changes in the definition of customer experience is seen with time. Studies defined customer experience in different ways. In addition, various dimensions of customer experience was also defined such as the number of interactions with brand or the hedonic factor in service experience. Several antecedents to customer experience was also defined such as the brand name, pricing, advertising and core service. All this together shaped the perception regarding service quality and consequently brand loyalty. Once a company is successful in building a loyal customer, their profitability will automatically i ncrease. This is because loyal customers will be less sensitive to price factors and focus more on relationship with the brand. Overall, this study was successful in highlighting different definitions and dimensions of customer experience. It also presented an empirical model to build consumer experience. However, the only gap in this research was that the conceptual research model was not tested for validity. Still, the research gave many important future implications to manage customer experience in organization. Another research contributed to the understanding of the integrated customer experience by connecting the dots between brand experience and brand loyalty. The relationship between customers experience with brand and the brand loyalty component of purchase and attitude was examined by means of survey with 372 consumers. The use of questionnaire supported the collection of data related to experience with a brand, feelings of trust and loyalty towards the brand. The outcome of the study showed that brand experience has a direct relation with brand attachment and brand commitment. However, the research showed no link between brand experience and brand trust. This disparity occurred because brand trust is dependent on level of involvement (Ramaseshan and Stein 2014). This research is significant because past studies focused only on the link between brand experience and customer loyalty, however this study established the link between brand experience and purchase brand loyalty. It also co ntributed to the interpersonal relationship theory. The study gave many managerial implications too by stating that managers should plan strategies to enhance brand-related stimuli such as communication, packaging and environment to influence brand experience. Business organizations have now shifted their strategies focus towards customer satisfaction and customer retention. They consider branding as an important element to establish long-term relationship with customers and enhance their experience with brand. Krystallis and Chrysochou, (2014) include service brand loyalty as a factor to measure customer experience. The on-line survey regarding the research question was done with two industries- the airline industry and the banking industry. The evaluation of both the service showed that value for money was the important brand component for consumers and brand name was not considered important for customers evaluation. The price or good value for money had a major impact on customers decision making. Secondly, the quality of interaction between the service provider and customer determines the consumers satisfaction level. The main strength of this study is that it showed that customers degree of brand loyalty is influenced not only by ove rall customers disposition, but also by brand evidence. The gap in the study is that full detail regarding brand service dimension and communication was not evaluated and future work needs to be done in this area. Strategies to manage customer experience: Customer experience management (CEM) has become a challenging task in todays business environment. The research by Homburg, Jozi?, and Kuehnl (2017) evaluated the changing marketing landscape by evaluating the experience of managers in CEM. The grounded theory approach was used to conduct the study and the perception of manager towards CEM was evaluated. The study findings gave indications about three CEM pattern. Firstly, the participants response revealed a vision towards CE and experiential response orientation. Secondly, firms capability towards CEM was found and most beneficial among them was the adaptability to CEM in different situations. The third pattern focused in cultural mindset and touch point prioritization. Secondly, the final pattern was alliance orientation and touch point journey design. This study has limitation as it is based on grounded theory approach and grounded theory may rely on researchers ability to code qualitative data. However, the strength of the study is that it led to the conceptualization of CEM and this will help to systemize the strategies taken to enhance customer experience in the marketing field. One of the leading business objectives of business leaders today is to build an strong customer experience. Hence, having good understanding about customer experience and their journey with time will have great implications for the success of business firms. This understanding is developed by Lemon and Verhoef (2016) who focused in investigating about the customer experience through customer journey. Developing this concept is considered important because customers now interact with multiple channels to decisions on buying or receiving any service. This research gave information related historical perspective of the roots of customer experience. The review of research literature indicated that customer buying behavior process models, customer satisfaction and loyalty, service quality, relationship marketing, customer engagement and customer relationship management determines customer experience. All these factors were extensively explained in the study. Secondly, the whole customer j ourney was explained through the stages of the total customer experience. The customer journey starts from the prepurchase phase, which involves searching and considering about the goals or impulse associated with a purchase. The second stage is the purchase stage which, involves the process occurring during purchase event such as customers interaction with the brand and its environment. The third phases the interaction with the brand after the purchase event. This was defined by level of usage, number of service or product request and word of mouth praise for products. The touch points involve in customers journey was also defined. The main strength of this research was that it gave holistic view about the integrated customer experience across the customer journey and this knowledge would help to enhance and manage customer experience. Summary The literature review effectively developed the concepts regarding integrated customer experience by systematically presenting key themes. Firstly, the review gave idea about the relevant theories that influence customer experience and act a guideline for improving customers relationship with the brand. Secondly, other themes of changes in customer experience and role of technology in customer experience developed the understanding regarding how customer experience has evolved and innovative methods are needed to attract consumers. Other important theme related link between customer experience and brand loyalty was a positive categorization to fully understanding the method of branding process and tactics to deliver a unique experience to consumers. The explanation regarding the customers journey during a purchase event further embedded the main concepts about the topic and this will have great implications for future managers to move ahead with strategic focus on customer experience management. References Allard, T., Babin, B.J. and Chebat, J.C., 2009. When income matters: Customers evaluation of shopping malls hedonic and utilitarian orientations.Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services,16(1), pp.40-49. Blzquez, M., 2014. Fashion shopping in multichannel retail: The role of technology in enhancing the customer experience.International Journal of Electronic Commerce,18(4), pp.97-116. Cropanzano, R., Anthony, E., Daniels, S. and Hall, A., 2016. Social exchange theory: A critical review with theoretical remedies.Academy of Management Annals, pp.annals-2015. Gounaris, S., 2015. Customer Experience.Wiley Encyclopedia of Management. Hogg, M.A., 2016. Social identity theory. 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Revival Album by Selena Gomez free essay sample

As much as I love Selena, is her new album worth the hype in the pop culture? Selena is a pop singer that started as Alex on the original hit TV series â€Å"Wizards Of Waverly Place†. Selena continued the series for several years with ending it in 2012. After the series Gomez still continues on with her career with her first album â€Å"Kiss and Tell† released in 2009 and â€Å"Stars Dance† in 2013.Flashing to 2015 Selena is still strong with her songs continuing from the single hit â€Å"The Heart Wants What It Want† Gomez is going forward in her career with her new album â€Å"Revival†. Starting off the new album a couple of her songs are immediately on the top charts, â€Å"Same Old Love† and â€Å"Hands To Myself† people already is loving her album. With everyone raving about how â€Å"Same Old Love† is all about Bieber, she says the it’s all about representing different kinds of love. We will write a custom essay sample on Revival Album by Selena Gomez or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page That definitely shocked me. â€Å"Me the Rhythm† is a completely different type of theme. Nothing explains more about yourself getting lost on the dance floor and being free and living in the moment.â€Å"Kill ‘Em With Kindness† is the triple threat’s measured missive to haters. LAst song I’m going to talk about is â€Å"Camouflage† it addresses the end of a relationship, and even though she has so much stuff to say, she doesn’t know how since the person that she was with is no longer recognizable. So yes her new album is worth that hype. I really recommend it for people like her in regular. I really love the album, it has such a great variety of songs talking about different things and its not all about the dirty stuff.